The main products of Diss Trading are charcoals, fire starters, fire logs and stone BBQ's and everything you need for a special BBQ. The very top quality Italian, Argentinian and Chinese products all under EU standards are distributed under the brands Fast Flame and Black Ranch. Our premium quality stands out.

We offer the very best quality and our clients confirm the superb quality of our products. The success of these brands proves that we are addressing people tastes & are faithful to our motto: "Healthy Enjoyment - Healthy Life".

Vegetable Carbon is produced in the province of Santiago Del Estero from the wood of the quebraco (Holm Oak) tree. The tree does not grow in tropical rainforest, it grows in El Chacho, a region slightly mountainous with a dry jungle and savannah in the middle of South America. Quedrar means to break in English. The name alludes to the wood which is hard as a stone and "makes axes break".

The wood is very massive and reaches long burning time and very high temperature. It does not develop unpleasant smell. It cannot be used in furniture production because of its deformation so that it is only used to provide energy.

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